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Vodafone Ghana Music Awards 2013 is Under Controversies

Vodafone Ghana Music Awards 2013: As the date for Vodafone Ghana Music Awards 2013 (VGMA) comes closer and the number of controversies is also increasing step-by-step. It has been looking like the organizers of the VGMAs, Charter House, love the controversies that surround the VGMAs.

Now one more controversy is added to the list that the Nicholas Omane Acheampong famous song ‘Zaphanat Panea’ is out of the list of performers. As his song is most popular song in Ghana and caught five nominations for the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards 2013.

Nicholas Omane Acheampong said about it that, “It has become clear that the organizers do not respect those of us who do gospel music. When did you ever hear of a gospel artiste winning the Artiste of the year? Does it mean those of us who sing gospel music do not have what it takes to win that category? Meanwhile, it is gospel music that is selling and we do more shows than the other genres yet they do not take us serious”.

He added, “I know I deserve nomination for Best Song Writer of the Year, Artiste of the Year and Album of the Year yet ‘Zaphanat Panea’ is missing in all these categories”.

At the end is blasted on the organizers of Vodafone Ghana Music Awards 2013, “Well, myself together with the rest of the team sat down and decided which artistes were going to perform and which ones were going to be dropped. It is not true that some of the artistes had to come to us with their managers or lobbyists to lobby before their names were put on the bill”.

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